Monday, April 20, 2009

SheSpeaks & NuFace

Okay, so I've begged all of my faithful readers to sign up for SheSpeaks over and over again. Remember the Garnier Nutrioniste Anti-Puff Eye Roller, or the Sinupret, or the Ghiradelli chocolate, or the....okay, okay). But now I have yet more proof of why you should head over there and join right now.

I was just selected to receive a NuFace device! I'm so excited! I'd coveted the item before SheSpeaks ran a promotion to receive one, and I kept my fingers crossed ever since I signed up. I got the email tonight that my NuFace will be in the mail soon. I'm going to update as soon as I try it out, as it does say there will be immediate results, and I'll blog again after two weeks to let you know how things are going. In the meantime, check out some more info on the NuFace and visit their FAQ page for details.

The NuFace® device is the first and only hand held device FDA approved for OTC (over-the-counter) facial toning and stimulation. The NuFace® device safely and effectively improves the appearance of the face through the use of microcurrent technology, gentle electrical stimulation. A noninvasive approach to facial rejuvenation, the NuFace® device is used to advance muscle tone in the face and lift and smooth the skin within 5 minutes. The NuFace® device will deliver instant facial rejuvenation results and with regular use will continue to provide long term facial strength and tone.

This battery operated device is an extension of your daily skincare regimen. Apply the Derma-Gel to your skin areas to be treated, then, following the natural contours of your face, simply glide the NuFace® device for an instant visible lift. Upon completion of treatment, utilize the Optimizing Mist to promote continual hydrating and firming.

The NuFace® device works by combining a unique electrical microcurrent waveform discharged from the dual probes. The probes are designed for optimal contact with faces of all shapes and sizes. The device continually alternates between the positive and negative probes and allows you to adjust the current settings for a personalized comfort level.

PS: I emailed SheSpeaks to ask for more Garnier Nutrioniste Anti-Puff Eye Roller coupons and they've promised to get in touch with Garnier for me, so I'll keep you all of you savvy shoppers updated!

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