About Ash

Here's me as a badass kid. I haven't changed much.

Writing these things are no good. Give me a topic and I can write for days - tell me to explain myself and I go blank. Here are a few basics.

I love good books, weird noses, most music, big hearts & nice tattoos. I avoid drama, under-cooked pasta & mannequins.

Animals. Traveling. Reading. ULTA. Xbox/PS4. MMA. NHL. TWD.

I LOVE skincare and playing around with makeup -- although I'm almost always rocking a fairly natural look when I leave the house unless it's a special occasion. I used to get cystic acne on my jawline and it was horrible for my self-esteem. Through trying different things for my skin and then different makeups to make me feel better, I fell in love with the variety of products out there and really enjoy sharing my experiences with them. Nothing works for EVERYBODY, but I can tell you what works for me. My skin is FINALLY clear -- minus one or two that pop up during that horribly unfortunate "time of the month". I am never paid or compensated for my reviews and if something has been given to me for free, I will clearly state that in the post. OH and I also like free stuff, so when I think about it and have spare time, I'll post links to those as well.

My daily skincare routine (not including makeup) includes Benefit (especially the daily moisturizer and it's potent eye cream), Neutrogena (acne stress foaming face wash twice a day, pads at night three times a week, and toner after every wash), Philosophy (Miracle Worker Retinol Eye Repair, No Reason to Hide serum), Clarisea (exfoliant powder twice a week, mixed with my facewash). My makeup favorites are Benefit's Hula, Sugarbomb, all of their tints, Majorette and Ooh La Lift; tarte's Light Cameras Lashes mascara; and eos Smooth Stick lip balm. Those are my main staples but I'm always trying something new!

Here's my face now. Because why not?

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Sean McCreery said...

Hey there Ash!!

Been trying to track you down since forever, and I've been quite unsuccessful... probably hitting this blog to late as well... but I hope that you remember me!!

Sean - from Fantasm? conal_cearna over on livejournal (livejournal zomg!!!)

I miss your lovely self and can't believe I let our communication fail... but I hope that you are doing well and life is being good to you!! Drop me a line - you can email me at smccreer@gmail.com or you can track me down at my livejournal still. I'll get you my phone number so you can text. Also on FaceBook like everyone else in the world...

Hope to hear from you soon! **hugs**