Thursday, October 15, 2009

SheSpeaks and Wet Ones

I recently received a package of Wet Ones from SheSpeaks to try out and review. I have to say that in the past I have stuck with either Clorox disinfecting wipes or antibacterial hand gel. However, I am hooked on Wet Ones now! I threw one "to-go" package in my purse/diaper bag, and put the canister sized package in the cup holder of the car. The very first day, I found myself reaching for both packages more than once. With a sticky four year old who likes snacks in the car, this was really a lifesaver. We were on a rush out the door last week to make it to dance class on time, so of course a snack was clutched tightly in our grip. By the time I pulled up at dance, it looked like I hadn't bathed my child in days; rather, it looked like I simply rolled her around in cracker crumbs and cheese bits then stuck a tutu on top of the whole mess. Well, hand gel nor Clorox wipes would have done me any good at that point. I remembered the Wet Ones and that was when I fell in love.

They cleaned her up quickly and efficiently, meaning I didn't have to use five or six sheets to get the job done. Also, they smelled nice but not overwhelming, and didn't leave my child smelling like rubbing alcohol. One of my favorite parts is that there is absolutely no "sticky" feeling afterwards, and nothing that you have to wait for to dry, as with hand gels. I tried the Fresh Scent smell, which was nice, but when I go to the store to stock up, I think I may try the Moisturizing Formula, which contains lanolin and aloe.

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If you love Wet Ones or are interested in trying them, SheSpeaks and Wet Ones have generously given me a coupon to share with ALL of my readers. Click here for the coupon.
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