Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Funday Freebies

I woke up with a sneaking suspicion that something dark and gloomy was lurking around the corner.  I had two options:  crawl back under the covers, ignore the 8 month old banging me in the face with her pap, pretend I didn't have to take my 5 year old to school OR jump out of the bed with a huge smile and make the most of the Monday that crept upon us in our sleep.

Well, I say jump out of the was more like untangling myself from said offspring, crawling out from under our five hundred billion pound furry daughter who was snuggled up at the end of the bed with her nose under the sheets, and kind of hop down because my bed is rather high.  But you get the picture.

I thought to myself, after The Ky was at school and Captain Milz was entertaining herself with a cardboard box and a big spoon, "Self, what would make this Monday as happy as a Friday?" and of course the overwhelming consensus from all of my multiple personalities shouted "FREE STUFF!"

So here you go.

  • Free Episencial products + 10$ off coupon. Just email to get your sample packet and coupon today! Limit one per customer. Offer expires 9.19.10
  • Monday, September 13th marks The Dr. Oz Show Season 2 kickoff. Tune in to learn how losing just 10 pounds can change your life, and find out how you can make your goal a reality. Come back on Monday to to take the “Just 10” Challenge and learn how to get your free “Just 10” bracelet – to keep you focused on your goal and dedicated to your health.
  • For your pets - treats from TJ LA.  Click here to fill out the form.
  • One free sample pack of business cards per household. You’ll receive 10 FREE Business Cards, plus FREE Shipping! Log in to and start designing your free business cards!
  • HOT HOT HOT! Starting today, 9/13/10, you can get a Free Box of Smuckers Uncrustables! Register on and submit an organizational tip or solution for the on-the-go mom or dad beginning on 9/13/10 at 12:00pm noon ET through 10/13/10 at the posted time daily to receive a coupon by mail for one free box of Smucker’s® Uncrustables® sandwiches (4-pack).

Have a great week and make sure to check out my other giveaways here!

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