Monday, October 11, 2010


 Today I have seen several updates about appointments to the Department of Homeland Security.  You can read the article on here, as it is what I was linked to the most often.  My opinion is that the most qualified candidate should be appointed to any position, and that religion and state should always be kept separate.  I've also read comments about them being "Devout Muslims", and the horror that follows those beliefs.  First, when does religion ever tag along behind any other candidate?  You wouldn't shout about someone being a devout Catholic, but shouldn't that offend every Jehovah's Witness, Protestant, or Free Will Baptist out there?  Second, being a Muslim makes you a terrorist as much as being a Christian makes you part of Westboro Church.  If you are a Christian who thinks Fred Phelps is a monster, wouldn't it make you sad if people of other beliefs thought that's how all Christians behaved?

If you believe in God as he is presented to us in the Bible, and you worship Him, and you follow His teachings, how can you look at your fellow people with such scorn and criticism?  How can you hate gay people, black people, Muslims, people who are overweight, a homeless man, interracial couples?  How can you look upon those that are different than you in disgust?  Think of the things you have done in your life that are truly disgusting, then look at the people you judge.  Every single person in life you see has had their own share of sadness and happiness.  You have no idea who they are or what they feel inside.  Someone with a different skin color doesn't have different emotions than you!  They don't love their family in different ways, they don't think differently, they are a human being and their bodies are operating just as yours does.  Someone with a different religious belief isn't a bad person.  Think of what led you to your beliefs, and think how your life would be different if you were taught another religion your whole life.  You cannot blame someone else for their beliefs, because they are as entitled to them as you are to yours.  Someone who has a drug problem, an alcohol problem, a gambling problem, a sexual problem, try to think of what's caused that in that person.  How were they treated as children?  What support did they have, what options were given them?  There are no excuses for being a bad person, but being different is not the definition of bad.  The next time you want to judge a person, you should think of your heart beating inside their chest.  How would you want to be viewed?

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