Tuesday, April 14, 2015

RIP Neutrogena Oil Free Stress Control Power Foam Wash

It took me years to find the perfect face wash.


Not even joking - for years I dealt with ugly, embarrassing and PAINFUL cystic acne on my jawline. I could feel them coming up before I could see them, but I couldn't do anything to stop them. Then they'd last forever, and even after they were gone, the red blotches were still there. It looked awful.

I tried new things and I stuck with them for the recommended periods of time. I'd wait and wait, hoping for results, seeing a little and wondering if it was the change in my routine or just a random coincidence. I tried many different face washes, from $10 drug store finds to $50 specialty brands. Some did give me results, but nothing ever cleared my skin like Neutrogena Oil Free Stress Control Power Foam Wash. Mouthful of a name, but a heck of a product.

I started using that with Neutrogena Oil Free Stress Control Toner and Benefit's Total Moisture twice a day. I also use clariSEA's salt scrub and charcoal mask twice a week. My skin has been clear ever since. I do get a tiny bump here and there around my period, but no more painful cystic acne. I add a dab of Neutrogena Oil Free Stress Control spot treatment to the bump and it never lasts longer than two days. I'm satisfied with my routine and I've stuck with it faithfully. So I was a little worried when my foam wash began getting harder and harder to find. I stocked up on what I could find and sent Neutrogena an email.

This, my friends, was the response:

While it was nice of them to reply and make suggestions, I HAVE the cream wash. I don't like it. It wasn't as effective and I don't like the way my skin feels afterward. So here we are. I'm back at square one and terrified of what's going to happen with my skin.

I have seen bottles of the foam wash for around $25 online, so I know there's a demand for it and people are exploiting that. But even if I bought every bottle I found, it's going to run out or get old and I still have to start over.

For now, I'm going back to purity by philosophy because it was my favorite before I found this. I also like Benefit's Gentle Foaming cleanser, but neither one was as perfect for my skin as Neutrogena's.

So there it is. If you've spent hours on the internet looking for Neutrogena Oil Free Stress Control Power Foam Wash, you can stop. Take that energy and use it to email Neutrogena over and over again, please, and let's convince them to bring back this awesome face wash! I've seen on many forums, on Amazon, on eBay, on other beauty blogs, that this has been a miracle product for many of you. Get in touch with Neutrogena, if you love this product, and convince them they're making a huge mistake.

Or go cry in a corner.

Either way.

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