Monday, February 16, 2015

February 2015 Ipsy Bag

I'll be honest, the only thing I really love this month about my Ipsy bag so far is the brush by Luxie Beauty. The bag is cute...but dare I say I'm running out of things to do with empty makeup bags? 

The items I received are:

  • Creamy Lip Stain by City Color Cosmetics 
    I do not like this. The color could be nice, but it goes on with a texture that reminds me of my Grandma's lipstick. Highlights every crease or imperfection in your lips. Not much of a "stain" factor to me; the color lasted maybe an hour. I love stains for absorbing into my lips and being a bit sheer as well as buildable.
  • Composition No. 1 Parfum Oil by JOYA
    Tiny. VERY tiny. Rollerball. Honestly reminds me of a toilet cleaner scent. Not a fan.
  • Large Angled Face Brush 504 by Luxie Beauty My favorite item this month. Very soft angled brush that will definitely be a staple item in my makeup bag. Ipsy is pretty good at sending nice brushes and this one is no exception.
  • Fine Radiance Face Oil by Mitchell and Peach 
    I haven't used this yet. I have a pretty set skincare routine and I'm scared to deviate from it as I seem to break out whenever I do. But I was happy to see that Ipsy decided to put this in a zippered plastic bag - the last item I got that was similar to this leaked all over my other items.
  • BLUSH Cheek Powder by ModelCo
    To be fair, this is a nice color. It isn't "sparkly", but it has a bit of a bronzer-like glow or shimmer to it. I can see myself using this in the future, but I'm addicted to Benefit's Majorette and this isn't quite perfect enough for me to switch as my go-to blush. 

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